For autumn 2021, Signature once again shows its passion for prints, feel for details, sense of stylish expression, and love of colours.
In terms of colours, the season will open with beautiful rose nuances together with camel and dampened greens for a warm late summer feel. Later in autumn, feminine shades of rose will be combined with warm browns such as caramel and a calm midnight blue.
Elegant winter white, grey, and black, as well as delicate cranberry reds bookend the season.
Signature offers elegant fashion that is flattering and easy to wear. The design focuses on elegant, feminine details and shapes that suit the modern woman. Notice for instance the many interesting details such as sleeves with puff and wrinkle effects, beautiful necklines, zipper details, pockets, frills, and different collars.
Buttons are used in several varieties - in gold, silver, gun metal, or covered in fabric.
Signature’s print motifs in autumn 2021 draw inspiration from nature, and the structures, patterns, and organic shapes used in the many abstract prints come from leaves, grasses, and fossils.
Geometrical circles, stripes, heritage chequers, as well as diamond and beehive patterns are other sources of inspiration for Signature this autumn.
The collection also offers unicoloured elements where refinement is instead achieved via textures and effects in the material itself.
The Signature woman appreciates comfort, pleasant materials, and a good fit that doesn’t restrict freedom of movement, but she doesn’t compromise on her feminine, well-dressed, and elegant look. That’s why Signature doesn’t compromise on its choice of materials. The fabrics are light and soft, fall effortlessly, are breathable, and often contain stretch. So Signature is able to offer a stylish look with plenty of comfort.
The fit guarantees a flattering look, and among the must-haves of the season is a dress with a beautiful, feminine print inspired by autumn nature. The print showcases all the autumn colours in the range, and the dress can be used with for instance an exquisite, brown suede jacket.
Another set worth highlighting consists of a knitted vest in grey mélange combined with a classic white shirt and heritage chequered trousers.
Unicoloured soft touch cable knit in elegant winter white combines effortlessly with a pleated skirt. The skirt is designed with a monochrome flower print on a bed of stripes, which gives the pattern a unique, three-dimensional effect.
Another great combination is a blouse with a feminine wrinkle effect neckline and a refined print inspired by fossils in deep berry reds combined with a matching wine red knit cardigan with shawl collar.
Signature DeLuxe
DeLuxe is the line from Signature using extra exclusive materials, and its design and fashionable details are even more elegant.
The colours in the Signature Deluxe line for autumn 2021 are dampened and elegant with a focus on combinations of earthy tones, refined winter white, and black.
Worth highlighting is a luxurious dress with a fashionable print inspired by marble and its wavy lines. The dress uses warm, brownish nuances mixed with delicate rose and black. Another dress has a print that is both feminine and graphical with a pattern of large, geometrical circles on a bed of black - unique and quintessentially DeLuxe.
Key items include a cozy knit cardigan with colour blocking, chic coated leggings, and a beautifully decorated T-shirt with imitation gemstones on the front structured in an elegant leaf motif.
The DeLuxe line can easily be dressed up for winter parties, but individual items can also be combined for the perfect work or everyday attire that doesn’t compromise on neither femininity nor elegance.

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