Stetson AW 2021 - At home in the great outdoors

The crunching of fallen pine under your boots. A campfire snapping with a cast iron meal you caught that day. The comforting silence of the trail, with only occasional birds to keep you company. These days especially, nothing beats getting outside.

The Stetson AW Outdoor collection is a breath of fresh air. Rich earth-inspired hues and natural textures abound in traveller and bomber shapes. Wool felt qualities are available in hazels, stone and charcoal tones. Brushed cotton comes in the color of dark forests, and reversible jacquard buckets with fleece trim signal the style of a countryside hike.

For a fresh take on the great outdoors, vintage-inspired truckers with iconic graphics have serious National Parks vibes. And wool felt hats branded with camp graphics round out a collection that’s most at home in the outdoors, for day trekkers and weekend adventurers alike.

This AW season, gear up and find your true north in nature with Stetson Outdoor.


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