With craftmanship and true care for the people, legero united, a family owned company producing shoes since 1872.
A dynamically growing team of 1,590 shoemakers from more than 42 countries secures the company’s overall success with their commitment and know how. The company and its collections continue to grow steadily.

High quality shoes, specially developed for children.

Kids particularly need specially crafted, functional footwear. superfit meets these requirements precisely and combines it with a look that children love. It ´ s not without reason that superfit is the clear market leader in the kids shoes segment. As the best shoe brand in Germany it was awarded the Shoe Award in 2016. It is therefore not without reason that superfit is also recommended by paediatricians and orthopaedists: 98 % of doctors awarded it the highest marks.
This statement is reflected by our brand claim: superfit . Loved by kids. Praised by doctors.

True care is the core of our philosophy.

We are shoemakers who put the human being in the centre and are truly caring, aware, inventive and pioneering in everything we do. We support our customers so that they can enjoy life and not just live it.
This is our mission.


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