Hedvig Andér from Hedvig Stockholm about textile purchases

Lately, we at Stockholm Fashion District have been thinking about the physical versus the digital. Physical purchases can be absolutely necessary for B2B, such as in the textile industry. At the same time, however, the present times sometimes also demand digital alternatives. But how do you best adapt there? We bring together both textile exhibitors and buyers with extensive knowledge, as well as experience, at both Textile Days and Preview, two fairs with a focus on textiles and accessories for production. After Textile Days last fall, we took the opportunity to ask four quick questions to Hedvig Andér, co-owner of Hedvig Stockholm, about how she views today’s textile purchases.

How important would you say it is for you buyers to be physically present and to be able to see and feel the fabrics?
“It is very important for us to be on-site and feel and see the fabrics for the coming season. We would not be able to create a new collection without physically visiting the fair.”

If you were to only buy fabrics digitally, what possible opportunities and problems would it mean for you?
“It is not an option for us, possibly a way to supplement the purchases with a digital meeting if we are looking for a special pattern image, for example.”

From a sustainability perspective, are there any advantages and disadvantages to buying fabrics digitally or physically on-site?
“Of course, it is good from an environmental point of view to buy digitally, but we have reduced our travels as we nowadays do not go to Paris, but only Stockholm.”

Are you actively looking for sustainable materials and how does the selection process work in such cases?
“Yes, we are always looking for sustainable materials. Both in terms of quality and origin, etc.”

Would you like to share your strongest trendsetting?
“Classic in combination with ethnic influences.”

Photo: Hedvig Andér and Maria Ahnström who together own Hedvig Stockholm / Hedvig and Maria together with two models dressed in the autumn collection for 2021