Store of the Month April 2023: Mor & Dotter

In Kungsängen, we find the store of the month, Mor & Dotter, something that started as a hobby dream but which today has grown to be a well-visited shop of approximately 100 square meters. The store offers, among other things, women’s clothing, interior design and accessories from only Scandinavian brands. We have interviewed owner Sussi to hear more about Mor & Dotter and how she thinks you should think to build a good wardrobe!

Tell us about Mor & Dotter, how did it all begin?
The store Mor & Dotter was started and run by mother and daughter – Sussi and Celinn in Kungsängen. It all started as a small hobby dream of having our own store. We opened the doors on January 25 2021, in the middle of the then-current pandemic and with heavy restrictions. At the same time, we ran a company with our own skincare brand and had a little space left in our premises, where we opened our small shop of 30 square meters with our skincare, some women’s clothing and some interior details. In February 2022, we closed the skincare company and chose to invest 100% in our store instead. November 4, 2022, was when we fulfilled the dream and invested wholeheartedly in the store. We moved to the square in Kungsängen centre and today have a well-visited store of just over 100 square meters, and we are so happy about that decision!

What kind of range do you offer and what type of customer do you target?
We only offer Scandinavian brands in our store and have everything from women’s clothing, shoes, jewellery,  bags, hair accessories and some interior details, a good mix under the same roof. Our customer base is foremost women aged 30-70, so we meet many different customers daily, which we love – and the reception has been overwhelming!

Tell us how you think you build a good wardrobe!
A good wardrobe should be built on good basic items in neutral colours, and then you fill it out with your best accent colours on blouses, scarves, etc., so you can vary your outfits but you build everything on your key pieces. From 2010-2019, we owned a Color & Style company where we had 300 training consultants under us who analyzed their customers and helped them find their best colours and their best style. So for us, it is important to have a wardrobe that harmonizes with the customer’s own colours and style.

What is the most fun about running a store?
The most fun is meeting all the customers, our customers become like our friends, which is wonderful. Then one day is not the same as the other, which is also fun. Then we love clothes and fashion, so getting to work with what you are really passionate about is fantastic.

The climate for stores has been challenging for many in recent years, how do you work to continue moving forward?
In addition to our store, we invest a lot in having different events such as fashion shows in our local restaurant and then we also have a fashion show on a shrimp cruise boat that we rent, and that departs from here in Kungsängen. We also have events in our store together with our suppliers. We offer live shopping every week and have held 50 in one year. This has meant that the store is now nationwide, we have customers all over Sweden which is super fun, our store sends packages from north to south every week to customers who don’t live so they can visit us on-site in Kungsängen. 

Mor & Dotter on social media:
Instagram: @morochdotterstore
Facebook: @morochdotterstore