Store of the Month January 2024: Åkes Skor

“As the only shoe store in town, it is important to offer a wide range that suits everyone,” says Petra Vasseur, owner of the shop of the month, Åkes Skor. Since 2018, Petra has run the store in Katrineholm together with her colleague Hege, they invest in personal service and are not afraid to take new directions. Read the full interview below!

Tell us about Åke’s Skor, how did it all start?
Åkes Skor is a historic store that has been in Katrineholm since 1931. Both myself, Petra Vasseur, and Hege Dahlberg were employed in the shop for many years before the opportunity to take over showed up in 2018, when the previous owner was retiring. We took over and made it our own at the turn of the year 2018-19 – and we haven’t regretted it for a second!

In the store, the customer will find different brands, what kind of strategy do you have when it comes to your assortment?
We continuously work to achieve a good mix of brands and models. We are the only shoe store in town, so having a wide range is important. We want all ages to have the opportunity to come in and find something. We are noticing an increased demand for wider shoes and shoes with comfort, which we invest more in. We also offer accessories such as bags, belts, wallets, gloves and the like.

What would you say is your biggest recipe for success?
To create relationships with customers, so that you get a good picture of what they want. It is important to not only base decisions on yourself and what you want, and instead include the customer. Many people also appreciate the personal service you get here, together with the easygoing atmosphere.
In addition, we are not afraid to try new directions. A small clothing store has recently moved into our premises, which has proven to be very popular as it is now possible to get a complete new kit from us, including clothes, jackets, shoes and bags.

How do you work with the customer flow to your store?
We work extensively with social media, such as Instagram and Facebook, to reach our customers. We do not operate an online store, but sometimes send goods to customers if requested. A concept that works perfectly for us!

What are the most fun things about working with shoes?
The most enjoyable thing is meeting the customer every day, especially when you feel that you have succeeded in making the customer happy with their purchase. For example, if the customer that “never finds something for his awkward feet” comes out of the store with a new pair of shoes and is completely happy to have found something.

On the photo: Petra Vasseur & Hege Dahlberg