Store of the Month July 2023: Mixit

In central Norrtälje we find the store of the month, Mixit. We have met storeowner Lina, who took over the shop that was started by her mother 40 years ago. At Mixit there are clothes for many different occasions and we have spoken to Lina about how she runs the store with her colleagues as well as her thoughts about the assortment. 

Tell us about Mixit, how did it start?
Over 40 years ago, Mixit was started by my mother Britt-Marie Ekman and Birgitta Johansson. Mixit has resided at different addresses in Norrtälje’s city centre, but since 20 years ago we are located on Tullportsgatan, a pedestrian street in the middle of central Norrtälje. I am, Lina Ekman, 44 years old, I’m the daughter of Britt-Marie and from the beginning, I had completely different plans than running a women’s clothing store. I have spent my entire upbringing on golf courses around Sweden, competing at a high level and even being on the girls’ national team. After I stopped playing golf I studied economics at Stockholm University for four years. When I got my degree, I started working at an accounting firm but felt that it didn’t suit me at the time, so then I started working extra at Mixit. The plan was to move on in my job search, but then I realised that it was at Mixit that I should stay. My degree in economics was perfect for running my own business and the freedom of running my own business is a luxury. I avoid long commuting distances to work and when I had two children, it was perfect to work in my hometown Norrtälje.

What kind of range do you offer and what type of customer do you target?
We work with a wide range, we have a large premise and there is plenty of space, which we make use of. We have everything from underwear, swimwear, everyday clothes, party clothes and outerwear. The customer who comes to us often buys a lot at the same time and appreciates our large assortment. The type of customer who comes to us greatly appreciates our personal service, we are happy to help and that is the most enjoyable part of our whole job. The customer returns to us and we develop a relationship with them. I feel that our customers are not so price sensitive, they like to shop in a physical store to try on and feel the garments. 

 We have a good team that works and thrives together, it’s me Lina and Kallaya who work full-time. Then we have three people who jump in and work by the hour. All of us who work at Mixit are very interested in giving our customers the best experience. 

What is your strategy when it comes to assortment?
For us, it is a carefully selected assortment, each garment has been selected and nothing is left to chance. We think that every garment should have that little extra and quality is so important. Of course, we work with purchasing budgets, but most of the time the purchase is guided by the style of the day and if it’s nice things that we feel will be appreciated by our customers, then we can consider buying more. We always need to have a type of basic range, but then we spice it up with garments that are in fashion and colours that are in style. We have a number of suppliers with whom we have had a long collaboration and they are extremely important to us, they are our colleagues to the highest degree and a large part of our success.

What kind of clothes can you find in your store?
You can really find a good basic wardrobe at Mixit, our trouser department is especially good. We sell a lot of trousers and are really well stocked. There are many different body shapes and we have a good selection, we have nice blouses in good quality, knitwear, evening outfits for the restaurant visit and good jackets for going out in all kinds of weather.

What would you say is your biggest recipe for success?
We stick to our target group, which we usually say 40+ and follow fashion in an appropriate way. We don’t want to be too pop, but also never too old, as we usually say – grown-up cool. We want to keep the store interesting, it should be airy and everyone should feel welcome. We want to keep our feet on the ground and we want to be a store where everyone feels comfortable. We who work at Mixit love our job and the customer notices that which I can promise.

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