Textilmuseet presents a pattern-inspired and cross-border exhibition

Foto: Tuuli-Tytti Koivula & Daniel Palillo

Textilmuseet in Borås presents a new pattern-inspired exhibition. In recent decades, pattern design has undergone significant changes and this is now reflected in the exhibition Patterned Positions. Through the works of 14 tone-setting, Nordic designers, a journey through today’s cross-border pattern world is promised, where the focus will primarily be on different types of printing techniques. Among the works, different types of materials will be displayed that represent the various unique designers.

Patterns of various types are found everywhere, it is a very present factor in our lives and is seen, among other things, in our clothes, nature and furniture. The creation and view of patterns has been revolutionized in many ways over the past 25 years and a driving factor in that is the technological and digital development. The exhibition blurs the boundaries between ugly and beautiful, abstract and concrete, as well as digital and analogue.

Participating exhibitors are, Daniel Palillo, Edda Gimnes, Henrik Vibskov, Ingrid Berg, Klaus Haapaniemi, Liselotte Watkins, Lovisa Burfitt, Margrethe Odgaard, Martin Bergström, Patrik Söderstam, Reeta Ek, Thóra Stefánsdóttir, Tronhjem Rømer, Tuuli-Tytti Koivula. The exhibition will be on display from October 14, 2023 to August 25, 2024.