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Holebrook Sweden

The heart of Holebrook is knitted. If we were to put our Swedish modesty on hold for just a second, we’d say that few brands know their knits as well as we do. Take a closer look at any Holebrook garment, and you will find knits of enduring quality, true craftmanship and even innovative use.

It’s hard to make a good thing last, they say — but we have found our own ways to give our clothes an enduring quality. It’s based on a down-to-earth sustainability ambition, which begins with wool, cotton, mohair, and alpaca. Those are all natural materials that do not need washing as often, thus prolonging the life of the garments and reducing their impact on the environment.

All Holebrook clothes are manufactured in Europe. They are made to last, and they are the opposite of fast. Thanks to decades-long personal relationships, each one of our suppliers shares our commitment to quality and sustainability.


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