Vogue Scandinavia är här

När Vogue Scandinavias första nummer lanseras är det klimataktivisten Greta Thunberg som pryder omslaget. På hennes Instagram kommenterar hon medverkan så här:

Interview in Vogue Scandinavia. The fashion industry is a huge contributor to the climate-and ecological emergency, not to mention its impact on the countless workers and communities who are being exploited around the world in order for some to enjoy fast fashion that many treat as disposables.
Many are making it look as if the fashion industry are starting to take responsibility, by spending fantasy amounts on campaigns where they portray themselves as ”sustainable”, ”ethical”, ”green”, ”climate neutral” and ”fair”. But let’s be clear: This is almost never anything but pure green washing. You cannot mass produce fashion or consume ”sustainably” as the world is shaped today. That is one of the many reasons why we will need a system change.

Till Vogue Scandinavia.

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Foto: Alexandrov Klum